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Immuneattack was a game that played sort of like a space combat shooter, but took place within the human body. It was created to teach high school students about concepts of Immunology and was assessed very successfully.

These are a few screenshots of the environment, the front end user interface and in-game action.

As with our earlier game, Discover Babylon, we were instrumental in every phase of the production process, handling the design, art programming, music, voice, testing and even creating collateral marketing materials for the game. We worked closely with scientists and educators to get the facts straight while creating a fun game experience.
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Discover Babylon was our first attempt at a learning game disguised as an entertainment title, and was very successful in teaching students the history of Mesopotamia though a time travel adventure.

Escape Hatch was involved in every phase of production, handling the design, art, programming, music, voice work, testing, and creation of marketing materials. We worked closely with historians, the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, and archaeologists to create a game that was fun while sneaking in education.

Please see our press page for the attention that Discover Babylon has received.

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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and its expansion pack, Clone Campaigns were two games that Garry Gaber directed at LucasArts Entertainment Company. They were both critical and commercial successes, as well as being brought in under budget and on time.
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